Seguin Public Library

There aren’t many things in life that are more gratifying than having a project exceed expectations. In my memory, nothing has exceeded the expectations of this community more than our new Seguin Public Library.

In my 10 years in public office, I have never seen such an overwhelmingly positive public reaction to a city project.

The project hit all the right buttons. It is on the edge of downtown in a beautiful wooded location along the banks of Walnut Branch. Walnut Branch is the virtual heart of our city, and it is the reason the Texas Rangers chose to establish this community here in 1838. The library serves as the centerpiece of our recently completed Hike and Bike Trail that follows the banks of the historic stream, and creates a 2.5 mile-long linear park. The library will help bring attention to this all-important part of our history and culture.

While the building is modern in design, it blends so well into the natural setting that it seems to be a part of the wooded landscape. From the inside, one has the feeling of being outside – somewhat like being in a giant tree house. Natural light floods the place, but it is soothing, and not harsh. There is an overall feeling of calmness and tranquility that can only be achieved by being in a natural setting. It is a perfect place to meet, study, reflect, and learn.

The library has now become “must see” for visitors to Seguin. People from all over the country can be found wandering through the stacks, and marveling the fantastic views of nature from the balconies facing the creek. It is truly a point of pride for the entire community – A community that is truly committed to education, cultural enrichment and historical preservation.

-Don Keil Mayor, City of Seguin